Nada Serhan - Storyteller

A writer     A filmmaker    A photographer

I am a storyteller. I began writing stories at the age of 5 and then ventured into the world of poetry and lyrics. Simultaneously I grew up watching both Arabic and American classic films from across the globe. It wasn't long till I realized I not only wanted to be a storyteller, but I am one.


I majored in English literature and minored in Fine Arts and continued to work in education. But it wasn't long till the love of cinema came crashing back like an old lover wanting me back. I completed my interdisciplinary masters in Literature and Film and began my career in the audiovisual world in casting and production. 

This website dives into my creative works in progress. 


I would like to share with you the film projects I am currently working on. My films can be summed as global indies since some are meant to be shot in Arabic while others are in English, French or both.


I would also like to share my journey in developing my photography skills.

You will also find my blog in which I share some of my creative writings as well as my analysis on films that affect me as an audience and a cinephile. 

I hope you enjoy viewing and experiencing my art.