Breathe. I remind myself to breathe.

Breathe is what I remind myself to do

To keep myself calm against your ideas of what you think I am

But I am not.

Project onto me whatever you think an Arab woman is

A Palestinian is

A refugee is.


Born a refugee. Still a refugee.

From one exile to the next

You think I’m lost. You think I’m ignorant.

You think I’m emotional. You think I lack intellect.

You mistake my beautiful resilience for stubbornness

You mistake my strength for brokenness

That I am at loss with who and what I am.



Breathe is a 7 part Poetry collection observing  women in social and cultural situations, challenging conceptions on art and the definition of a woman. The following excerpt is from the first poem in the series. It has been published in Without, issue#1 published by Atelier des Artistes en Exile @June2021