• Nada Serhan

Her Favorite Dress

A unique find

Only she has the talent to find.

The perfect floral dress that says

"Welcome to natural beauty".

The softness of the fabric with the vibrant colors of the flowers

The loose cut feeling sensual and dreamy against my skin

She smiles her magical smile

She looks at me

Knowing I need lightness in my heart...

"Try it!", she says holding it up with an energy only she possesses

"Mom, it's gorgeous! But it's a size small and it $82".

"Try it!"

I do. I fall in love

So I decided to buy it.

At the cashier the lady says, "$8 please"


A unique find

Only my mother could have found.

That became her favorite dress.

Mine too.

As though I'm flying; through colors and lightness.

5 years later

31st of May

It's supposed to be the day.

The day they set that we should say goodbye.

The day, as her caregiver, they initially asked me

to carry out what I couldn't carry out. But I had to.

I wake up early. But did I even sleep?

I wanted to honor her on such a day.

And for a trend setter that she's always been

I decided I'd honor her by doing just that;

Dress elegantly.

Closet door opened, and there it was

Her favorite dress.

My heart beats fast. My thoughts crash onto each other,

"Do I dare wear flowers on the day we say goodbye

to her on this earthly plane?"

I walk into the living room. My sister is already awake

(but are any of us awake?)

I see her eyes grow wider but says nothing.

We get to the hospital.

I'm wearing her favorite dress.

They tell us she's gone.

I don't have to carry out what they wanted me to do.

She let go on her own. She became free

Flying through nature, colors and lightness.

Later on that day, my sister says,

"The second I saw you in that dress...

I knew that was it. She loves that dress."

It's weird when cultures and customs expect you to

mourn in one way

Celebrate in another.

I am not sure which I did.

All I know is - All I could do was

Wear My Mother's Favorite Dress

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